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Please contact me for a quote on anything.

Common services include: wheel building and truing, tune-ups, building up complete bikes from supplied parts, eliminating creaks and noises, servicing brakes, removing stuck seatposts, stems and bottom brackets, installing tubeless tires, repairing punctures, gluing tubulars. Here are some more examples:

Molten Speed Wax $25: Chain, cogset and chainrings are cleaned of all existing lubricants and the chain is submerged for an hour in hot Molten Speed Wax, the fastest lube tested by Velo News (pdf of report available here).

Riv-nut replacement $10: Replace that loose alloy insert that is supposed to hold your water bottle bolt.

Headset installation $25: Complete, with frame facing if needed. 

Rebuilding Campagnolo Record Brake/Shift Levers $40 in labor: A new rebuild kit can be supplied or purchased.

Butchering a Brooks Saddle $20: This will make your B17 look like a Brooks Swallow.

Tune Up & Lose a Pound <$250: If your 700c road bike weighs more than 21 lbs, I'll find a way to make it at least 454 grams lighter for under $250 while staying true to the bike's aesthetic. Includes a tune-up of brakes, shifting, wheel trueness and tension, drivetrain, and bearings. For lighter road bikes, mountain bikes and others please send me a picture and I'll get you a quote. 

Carbon Fiber Repair: I use 3K standard weave carbon fiber and West Systems epoxy to repair cracks and dings in frame tubes. The repair is clear coated and polished. I charge $200. Sometimes I'll make an exception for a carbon/alloy rim with damage away from the brake track, but otherwise I don't work on rims, forks, frame lugs, dropouts or crank arms.